The aim of the Information and Referral Centre (IRC) is to provide information and advice to support the next of kin and others who knew the victims through the workplace, school or sports associations. At present you have a lot to deal with; you may feel overwhelmed by emotions and practical problems. It can be difficult to know who to approach with a particular issue. The IRC is a focal point for all your questions.

Members-only section for next of kin 

This website has a members-only section, where next of kin can contact one another online to share their stories and ask questions. This section of the website is used by Victim Support Netherlands, the government, the police and the Public Prosecution Service to share information that is only intended for the victims’ next of kin.  

Family liaison officers

Family liaison officers* provide a direct link between the identification team and the next of kin. Two family liaison officers are assigned to each relative or group of relatives. The officers’ job is to provide the members of the identification unit of the National Forensic Investigation Team with as much information as possible regarding the victims. They will also play a central role in communication in the initial period after the disaster.

Contact with Victim Support Netherlands

If you need practical information or would simply like to share your story, you can contact our staff via the contact form on our website or you can send an e-mail to A member of staff of Victim Support Netherlands will then contact you. Our help is always provided free of charge.

* Family liaison officers support Dutch next of kin and provide a direct link between them and the identification team.