Discussion Forum: Rules and Etiquette

The purpose of the Victim Support Netherlands Discussion Forum is to help people who have been through a trauma to share information, discuss their experiences and seek mutual acknowledgment and affirmation.

A meeting place

The forum is a digital meeting place where people can share information and discuss their experiences. Just like any other place where people interact, the forum has its own rules and etiquette.


Before contributing to the forum new users must first register. Upon registration you are required to enter your given name, surname and email address and to create a password and username (i.e. a pseudonym under which your contributions will be published). Participants in the forum must be at least 16 years old.

By registering you agree to be bound by the Rules and Etiquette of the Victim Support Netherlands Discussion Forum and by the disclaimer.

Rules and etiquette

Victim Support Netherlands believes it is vital for all participants to feel at ease when using the forum. So please ensure that you communicate with one another in a respectful manner. Contributions that deliberately encourage conflict or disrupt discussions are not welcome.

  • Victim Support Netherlands reserves the right to delete, edit or move contributions or to close a discussion.

  • It is forbidden to post contributions of a racist, insulting, pornographic or threatening nature or with any other form of illegal content.

  • Victim Support Netherlands advises participants not to publish their own personally identifiable information (email or postal address, telephone number, etc). Please see the forum’s Privacy Statement for further details.

  • Personally identifiable information concerning third parties must not be included in contributions either. Please see the forum’s Privacy Statement for further details.

  • The use of copyright-protected material is prohibited by law.

  • Users must not post contributions of a commercial nature or serving commercial purposes.

  • Spam is prohibited.

  • The forum is not the appropriate place for posting research questions or assignments.

  • Contributions should be written in Dutch.

  • Contributions must not breach the law in any way whatsoever.

Personal responsibility

Although Victim Support Netherlands will try to ensure that inappropriate contributions are kept off the forum wherever possible, it is unable to review all contributions. Individual users remain personally responsible for the content and potential consequences of their contributions. 


If you would like to report a contribution that breaches the code of conduct set out above or is offensive in any way, please send an email to privacy@slachtofferhulp.nl.

Denial of access

Victim Support Netherlands may deny a participant access to the forum if he or she persists in breaking the rules despite a warning.

User account

Users are not permitted to register for more than one account. The forum administrators may compare users’ IP addresses. If there is evidence or a suspicion that a user has registered multiple accounts, the additional accounts will be removed. Depending on the circumstances, Victim Support Netherlands may also decide to block the user’s main account in such cases.

If you experience any problems with your account, please do not register for a second account, but contact the webmaster for assistance instead at webmaster@slachtofferhulp.nl.


Forum participants are personally responsible for the content of all contributions posted on the Victim Support Netherlands Discussion Forum.

Victim Support Netherlands is not liable for the content of any contributions posted on the forum.