Privacy Statement

Victim Support Netherlands’ paid staff and volunteers offer practical assistance, legal advice and emotional support to the victims of crimes, road traffic accidents and disasters. For these purposes, victims include next of kin, witnesses and other concerned parties. The aim is to support victims in coming to terms with the incident in question and where possible to help them recover and alleviate any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, drawing on their self-reliance and resilience. Victim Support Netherlands also strives to improve the general position of victims and promotes the advancement of knowledge in this field.

This privacy statement applies to the processing of the personal data of participants in the Victim Support Netherlands Discussion Forum and is compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act.

1. Controller

The controller by whom personal data is processed for the purposes of this website’s discussion forum is Victim Support Netherlands, address: Pallas Athenedreef 27, 3561 PE Utrecht. Victim Support Netherlands can be contacted at and on 0900 0101 (09:00-17:00).

2. Objective

The purpose of the Victim Support Netherlands Discussion Forum is to help people who have been through a trauma to share information, discuss their experiences and seek mutual acknowledgment and affirmation.

3. Personal data

Before contributing to the forum new users must first register. Upon registration, participants are required to enter their given name, surname and email address and to create a password and username (i.e. a pseudonym under which contributions will be published). The user’s IP address and time of registration are also recorded. Only the chosen username and the content of contributions (forum posts) are published online; other data are not.

The data are used by Victim Support Netherlands only to the extent necessary to enable participants to post contributions to the forum, to correct or delete contributions, to combat misuse of the forum and in so far as necessary for administering the discussion forum.
The email address is also used to confirm the chosen username and password and to send the user a new password where necessary.

Victim Support Netherlands does not disclose the data to third parties, except where under a statutory obligation to disclose data to the competent authorities at their request.

4. Access to the discussion forum

The information on the discussion forum is accessible to visitors participating in the forum. Contributions posted to the discussion forum may undergo unknown forms of further processing by other visitors or be copied to the systems of the latter. Victim Support Netherlands is not liable for such actions.

Victim Support Netherlands advises participants not to publish their own personally identifiable information, as this can have undesirable consequences.  Victim Support Netherlands may delete contributions containing personally identifiable information concerning third parties to avoid any adverse consequences.

5. Questions about privacy

Any questions about the forum’s privacy policy can be emailed to

6. Further data processing

Victim Support Netherlands registers visitors’ IP addresses. The data are used to assess findability and the user experience, to gauge the required server capacity and to combat misuse of the forum.

7. Security

The staff of Victim Support Netherlands who administer this discussion forum have access to participants’ personal data and are obliged to respect the confidentiality of that data. This duty of confidentiality is enshrined in individual agreements.

Victim Support Netherlands uses a secure log-in functionality to register visitors to the forum. The data obtained are stored by Victim Support Netherlands in a properly secured database that cannot be accessed externally by third parties. Forum participants and third parties have no access to each other’s personal data. Forum pages are not public and are not indexable by search machines.

8. Period of retention

Victim Support Netherlands retains a participant’s data as long as he or she continues to use the forum. If a participant has not used the forum for 12 months, Victim Support Netherlands will destroy their user data and delete their contributions from the forum.

9. Notification to Data Protection Authority (CBP)

Victim Support Netherlands has notified the discussion forum to the Data Protection Authority as a case in which personal data are processed.