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Victim Support Netherlands is there for you

All victims of crimes, traffic accidents or disasters deserve support. Every year we help hundreds of thousands of victims and surviving relatives. We can provide emotional support, help you get compensation for you damages, and support you in the criminal justice process. We will help you when you want it, in a way that suits you. Our services are always free.

Emotional support

We can help you deal with your stress.

Help with your compensation

If you have suffered loss or damage, it is natural to want compensation. We can help you make a list of all the damage. And advise you on how to get compensation.

Support in the criminal process

The criminal process is unfamiliar territory for many people. We help you make use of your rights and provide overview of the criminal process.

The website of Victim Support Netherlands is written in Dutch

You can use Google Translate to translate our website to English.

Important note: Google Translate translates only the actual text on a page. Any text that appears in an image, video or online tool is not translated.

More languages in Google Translate

The Translate toolbar at the top left of your page enables you to change the translation language. Next to 'Weergave' you can toggle back and forth between the translated website and the original site.

Contact information

Do you want to contact us, but are you unable to call our phone number 0900-0101, because your phone provider does not allow phone calls to this number? To get in touch with us, you can try the following options:

  • Are you in the Netherlands? You can call us on 116-006.
  • Are you outside of the Netherlands? You can call us on +31887460000.

You can reach us from Monday till Friday between 08.00 and 20.00, and on Saturdays between 10.00 and 17.00.