Reporting an incident

If you witness or experience a criminal offence, you can report it to the police. This involves you telling the police what happened and the police will ask you additional questions. The best way to do this is to call +31 34 357 8844 to arrange an appointment. You can also go directly to the police station, but then you might have to wait for a while.

Why should you submit a report?

  • If you report an incident, the police can try to find the offender.
  • Reporting an incident can give you a sense of justice. 
  • After reporting an incident you may be able to claim compensation for insured losses or try to recover damages from the offender.
  • If the offender is caught, your report may have ensured that this does not happen to somebody else. 

At the police station

The police will put down your statement about what happened in writing and ask you to sign the statement. Please make sure that everything is correct and that the report is complete. If anything else comes to mind later on, you can still report it to the police. You will be given a copy of the report, which you should keep carefully, for example for insurance purposes.
Further advice on reporting an incident (in Dutch only) 

Support from Slachtofferhulp (Victim support the Netherlands)

Would you like to speak to someone before reporting an incident? Or, would you like someone to go with you to the station, for example to talk over the meeting afterwards? Then please contact Slachtofferhulp Nederland. One of our staff will be able to help you. 
Please feel free to contact us

Quick response via social media

The web care team is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. They will respond to your enquiry within 2 hours. Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter

How are you?

Reporting an incident may lead to you experiencing additional stress. Making a statement takes a long time and the police sometimes ask difficult questions. Everyone reacts differently to a major event. Some people experience less symptoms of stress and others more.
Read more about symptoms of stress (in Dutch only)